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Contents of Part 1

Illustrations in Part 1     xiii
Introduction to the Second Edition     1
Note on Transliteration     12

I. What a Communist Ought to Be Like

Introduction     15

Tasks of the Youth Leagues (Bourgeois and Communist Morality) [1920]
V.I. Lenin     21

What a Communist Ought to Be Like [1922]
N. Krupskaya     26

Communist Ethics [1922]
A.A. Solts     30

Bringing Up the Young Generation [1922]
N. Bukharin     43

Revolution and the Cultural Tasks of the Proletariat [1918]
P.I. Lebedev-Polyansky     50

II. The New Man and the New Woman: Sex Roles, Marriage, and the Family

Introduction     61

The Family and the Communist State [1918]
A. Kollontai     67

From the Old Family to the New [1923]
L. Trotsky     77

Make Way for the Winged Eros [1923]
A. Kollontai     84

The Sex Life of Man [1924]
L.A. and L.M. Vasilevsky     95

The Law, Life, and Everyday Living [1925]
Letters to Pravda and Izvestiya    99

The "Winged Eros" of Comrade Kollontai [1923]
P. Vinogradskaya     112

My Life (The Story of Maria Fedotovna Filipenko) [1924]
M.F. Filipenko     121

III. Socialism and Social Welfare

Introduction     127

The Tasks of Public Health in Soviet Russia [1919]
N. Semashko     130

The Tasks of Social Welfare in Soviet Russia [1919]
A. Vinokurov     133

Work of the People's Commissariat of Health [1921]
N. Semashko     139

How Can We Protect the Children? [1924]
The Mother of a Child     146

Protection of a Mother, Baby, and Child in Russia [1921]
N. Semashko     149

IV. Proletarian Legality

Introduction     153

Proletarian Law [1919]
P. Stuchka     159

Guiding Principles of Criminal Law in the R.S.F.S.R. [1919]
People's Commissariat of Justice     165

The Proletarian Revolution and Criminal Law [1919]
I. Kozlovsky     170

The Proletariat and Civil Law [1919]
A. Goikhbarg     178

The Old and New Court [1918]
P. Stuchka     185

Five Years of Revolution in Law [1922]
P. Stuchka     190

The General Theory of Law and Marxism [1924]
E. Pashukanis     197

V. Religion, Language, and Other "Awkward Habits" of Everyday Life

Introduction     215

Habit and Custom [1923]
L. Trotsky     219

The Fight against Prostitution [1921]
A. Kollontai     224

The Struggle for Cultured Speech [1923]
L. Trotsky     230

"Thou" and "You" in the Red Army [1922]
L. Trotsky     234

Communism and Religion [1923]
S. Kheglund (Z. Hoglund)     236

Is the Communist Movement Anti-Religious? (An Answer to Kheglund) [1923]
E.E. Yaroslavsky     239

On Anti-Religious Agitation and Propaganda among Women Workers and Peasants [1921]
Central Committee, RKP     244

"Calling All Believers," "Science or Religion?" "Without God, with Man" [1923]
The Editors of Bezbozhnik     248

"A Day of Testing in the Commune" [1921]
Pravda, Agitprop essay     254

Notes     257
Suggestions for Further Reading     259
Contents for Part 2     265


The first volume of a collection of writings by early Soviet critics and theorists