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A hard-hitting look at the way antidumping arguments are being used to undermine free trade

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Part 1. Overview

1. Antidumping Is Where the Action Is by J. Michael Finger     3

2. The Origins and Evolution of Antidumping Regulation by J. Michael Finger     13

3. Lessons from the Case Studies: Conclusions by J. Michael Finger     35

4. Reform by J. Michael Finger     57

Part 2. Industry Studies

5. Brazilian Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice: The Folly of Unfair Trade Cases by Carlos Alberto Primo Braga and Simao Davi Silber     83

6. The Development of the Colombian Cut Flower Industry: A Textbook Example of How a Market Economy Works by Jose A. Mendez     103

7. The Korean Consumer Electronics Industry: Reaction to Antidumping Actions by Taeho Bark     121

8. Stainless Steel in Sweden: Antidumping Attacks Responsible International Citizenship by Gunnar Fors     137

9. Chemicals from Poland: A Tempest in a Teacup by Andrzej Olechowki     163

Part 3. Enforcement Studies

10. The Antidumping Experience of a GATT-Fearing Country by Gary Banks     183

11. Enforcement of Canadian Trade Remedy Laws: The Case for Competition Policies as an Antidote for Protection by Mark A. Dutz     203

12. Antidumping Enforcement in the European Community by Angelika Eymann and Ludger Schuknecht     221

13. Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Enforcement in the United States by J. Michael Finger and Tracy Murray     241

Contributors     255
Index     257


This title was formally part of the Studies in International Trade Policy Series, now called Studies in International Economics.