Achieving Competency in English, 2nd Edition

A Life Skills Approach

2nd Edition

Subjects: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Paperback : 9780472030439, 288 pages, 55 illustrations, 35 realia, 8 graphs, 7 chart-grid, 10 puzzles, 1 map, 8.5 x 11, August 2005
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Copyright © 2005, University of Michigan. All rights reserved.


Achieving Competency in English is a life skills text for newcomers to the United States. A unique feature of the book are the cultural competencies included in this book, such as common courtesies, meeting people, emergencies, community services, getting a job, minding one's money, finding a place to live, staying healthy, food and nutrition, and education.

Each of the book's ten chapters begins with a Reading Readiness opener, with pictures that introduce the theme and vocabulary of the chapter in a non-threatening way. Chapters also contain reading passages, real-life situations for discussion, realia and writing components, visual literacy practice, and suggestions for outside study. CASAS correlations are included

This is a revised edition from the book titled Competency in English by Planaria J. Price.

Planaria J. Price is an instructor, Evans Adult School, Los Angeles.