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Eureka! teaches reading skills, vocabulary building, cross-cultural awareness, and critical thinking. This student- and teacher-friendly text aids ESL students in gaining both language and cultural literacy by reading the classic fables of Aesop, the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, the romantic tales of old England, and in learning American proverbs.

 American English is filled with vocabulary, idioms, allusions, and cultural values from the ancient Western world. Using Eureka! , ESL students will improve their English through a better understanding of the stories and ideals of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and English speakers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance that have influenced modern American English and our culture.
Eureka! will teach new vocabulary and idioms, improve reading skills, and introduce ESL students to the most famous proverbs and values of mainstream American culture of the twenty-first century. The stories also challenge students's thinking and clearly illustrate word derivations through a rich variety of reading skill exercises and activities.