The Michigan Series on Teaching Academic English in U.S. Post-Secondary Programs (Series)

The books in this series will address issues of interest to ESL teachers and researchers on the teaching of Academic English in colleges and universities. Book-length treatment of each topic provides a thorough and focused presentation and analytic coverage. The primary emphasis will be on Teaching Academic English in undergraduate programs, especially in U.S. community colleges but also in other post-secondary settings.

The books will be aimed at teachers who are seeking insights based on both practice and research in the teaching and learning of Academic English. Researchers should find the books useful but the tone, content, and organization will be aimed at the larger audience of teachers of Academic English in U.S. college settings. The books will be accessible for teachers-in-preparation and for less experienced as well as experienced teachers and teacher-trainers.

Series Editors
Pat Byrd
Joy Reid
Cynthia Schuemann

For information about submitting a proposal, contact one of the editors to discuss your potential topic as well as the proposal submission process.

Pat Byrd,
Joy Reid,
Cynthia Schuemann,

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