Traditional Medicine in Contemporary China

A Partial Translation of <em>Revised Outline of Chinese Medicine </em>(1972) with an Introductory Study on Change in Present-Day and Early Medicine

Subjects: Asian Studies, China, Health & Medicine
Hardcover : 9780892640737, 584 pages, January 1987
Paperback : 9780892640744, 584 pages, January 1987
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A comprehensive introduction to traditional Chinese medical practice.


Sivin devotes the first half of his book to an interpretive exploration of the history of classical Chinese medicine, outlining in detail the evolution of its essential concepts from ancient times through the present. The second half consists of translations from the Revised Outline of Chinese Medicine (1972), a textbook compiled in China for use by modern physicians.

Nathan Sivin is Professor Emeritus of History and Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania.