Contains The Birds, The Clouds, and The Wasps

"Arrowsmith is that rare animal—a creative translator: there is only one born in each generation . . . who can transplant his original blood, bone, and sinew. Arrowsmith is such a translator and we are all in his debt."
—Lawrence Durrell

- Lawrence Durrell

"Richmond Lattimore is the foremost translator of Greek writing in English. In fact he is better than that; many 'foremost translators' have not been nearly so good."
—G. E. Dimock, Jr., Hudson Review

- G. E. Dimock, Jr.

"As [Douglass Parker] proved in The Acharnians, he has a range that can encompass the gravity of Aristophanes as well as the delirious and scabrous wit."
—Dudley Fitts, New York Times

- Dudley Fitts