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The Stratigraphy and Fauna of the Hackberry Stage of the Upper Devonian looks at the rocks of the Hackberry stage, which are exposed throughout a narrow belt in north central Iowa and constitute the uppermost member of the Devonian section. Although limited in area and in thickness, the Hackberry contains an abundant fauna, preserved with unusual excellence. A number of the species were described and illustrated in the publications of Hall, Hall and Whitfield, Hall and Clarke, Calvin, Webster, and others, but, at the time of this publication, most of them remained undescribed or erroneously identified with eastern species. Here Carroll Lane Fenton and Mildred Adams Fenton furnish a detailed account of the Hackberry strata, with sections accompanied by an adequate—though not complete—discussion of the fauna. Most of the typical species of fauna are described, as well as many rarer ones. In a few cases, detailed treatments of varieties, evolution, and association have been possible. Lack of time has prevented description of the Protozoa and the Stromatoporoidea, of which there are numerous species, most of which are undescribed.