An American photographer in the war-torn Balkans struggles to rebuild his shattered life after the kidnapping of his son

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"Brilliant. . . . The intricately layered narrative, moving back and forth in time and space, builds to a conclusion both bloody and subtle . . ."
---Chicago Tribune

". . . in his most far-reaching and scorchingly beautiful novel, [McNally] extends his acute insights into the workings of the mind to the traumas of a besieged city. . . . In Stephen, an artist with a conscience and a man who has lost what is most precious, McNally has created an unflinching witness to humankind's capacity for both evil and transcendent love. And every penetrating thought, harrowing predicament, vivid feeling, and powerfully evoked setting exerts a profound fascination in this lacerating and exquisite novel of crime and war, suffering and sacrifice, revelation and redemption."---Booklist (starred review)

"With a sensitive yet razor-sharp vision, T. M. McNally probes the deepest and most difficult aspects of life in that great century of warring, the Twentieth. The Goat Bridge is a novel of love, loss, death, conflicts of the heart as well as between men who would kill in the nameof ideology. This is a poignant, masterful work."
---Bradford Morrow, author of Ariel's Crossing

" . . . at once an imaginative engagement with the war in Yugoslavia, and a moving story of human frailty, bewilderment, and grief. . . . The Goat Bridge is a magnificent novel."
---Christopher Merrill, author of Only the Nails Remain: Scenes from the Balkan Wars

"The Goat Bridge finds [McNally] at new heights. It's fascinating, heartbreaking, illuminating, poetic, wrenching, and unflinching."---Playback

"An unusual love story, The Goat Bridge is an unforgettable story of loss and redemption built around some very powerful images. Richly layered and emotionally compelling, this haunting tale is not only deftly written but also features masterful characterization."
---Register-Pajaronian (Watsonville CA)

T. M. McNally is the author of the story collections Quick, which won the 2004 Michigan Literary Fiction Award, and Low Flying Aircraft, which received the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction. His two previous novels are Until Your Heart Stops and Almost Home. He teaches in the Creative Writing Program at Arizona State University.