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Strategies for College Success introduces students to the language and culture of college. Designed primarily for near-native English speakers who are planning to attend or are just beginning their time at an American college, this textbook presents skills and strategies that will help students succeed academically and adjust to the cultural aspects of college life. It provides a wealth of study tips and strategies, which are outlined in the front of the book, to ensure academic success.

Key features of this integrated-skills textbook include:
*Authentic cross-curricular readings in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and business
*Academic lectures similar to those found on the Next Generation TOEFLĀ® Test
*Carefully sequenced questions, activities, and writing prompts
*Both individual and collaborative activities
*A section of the book devoted to academic writing
*"Orientation" sections to begin familiarizing students with college culture
*Test-taking strategies
*Strategies to build graphic literacy
*Self-assessment charts and questions

Strategies for College Success may be used for a general study skills class or as a supplementary text for a class with a writing focus. An audio CD is also available.