Step Up to the TOEFL(R) iBT for Students at the Basic Level (with Audio CD)

A Michigan Guide

Developing Essential Skills, with Audio CD

Subjects: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Multiple-component retail product : 9780472034079, 176 pages, 8 x 10, June 2010
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Copyright © 2010, University of Michigan.


Step Up to the TOEFL® iBT is a series of skills-based textbooks that helps low-intermediate and intermediate students prepare to take a step up toward success on the TOEFL®. These are not a test-preparation books: instead, the books teach some of the fundamental vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills necessary for the test.

Although the TOEFL® does not directly score vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, weaknesses in these areas will severely impair students’ performance on all areas of the test. Therefore, every point covered in Step Up to the TOEFL® iBT will benefit test-takers on one or more sections of the test.

Each of the eight units addresses one rhetorical function and includes:

•          Learning Targets and their relevance to the four sections of the test

•          Getting Started questions to activate prior knowledge

•          two Vocabulary You Need topics that introduce a range of key words used to

accomplish the unit function

•          a Vocabulary Skill to build learner autonomy in vocabulary acquisition

•          two Grammar You Can Use topics that strengthen students’ receptive and

productive language

•          samples of (near) test-level use of the grammar from The Michigan Guide to

English for Academic Success and Better TOEFL® Test Scores and A Michigan Guide:  Step Up to the TOEFL® iBT for Intermediate Students


•          a Speaking Clearly point focusing on basic pronunciation

•          Skill-Building Exercises that practice the language point through high-interest

reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities

•          iBT Practice Exercises that give students practice in using the language point

in tasks similar to ones on the actual test (including the integrated speaking

and writing tasks) but at their level of competency

•          Step Up Notes with useful hints and tips about stepping up to the TOEFL®

•          Word Boxes for reading and listening exercises that gloss additional useful


•          aVocabulary Review that lists all the new words in the unit; these words have

been recorded and appear on the companion website for further pronunciation


•         a Spelling Skills exercise that practices five key words from the unit.