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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Authority of the Parental Metaphor (Wendy Doniger) - 1
1. Clean Hands and Shining Helmets: Heroic Action in Early Chinese and Greek Culture (David N. Keightley) - 13
2. The Authority of the Hindu Epics: Genealogy, Authenticity, and Authorship (Barbara Stoler Miller) - 52
3. Imagining Idolatry: Missionaries, Indians, and Jews (Judith Laikin Elkin) - 75
4. Empire to Commonwealth: Consequences of Monotheism in Late Antiquity (Garth Fowden) - 100
5. Current Arab Paradigms for an Islamic Future (Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad) - 119
6. Carving for the Saints (Michael R. Kapetan) - 161
7. Modernizing Tradition: Some Catholic Neo-Scholastics and the Genealogy of Natural Rights (Robert E. Sullivan) - 184
8. Puritans in Babylon: The Ancient Near East and the Revolution in Intellectual Life, 1888-1938 (Bruce Kuklick) - 209
9. The Search for Authority in Twentieth-Century Judaism (Arnold Eisen) - 222
10. Seeking the Meridian: The Reconstitution of Space and Audience in the Poetry of Paul Celan and Dan Pagis (Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi) - 253
Epilogue: Nietzsche's Lion (Tobin Siebers) - 285
Notes on Contributors - 293


Explores the relationship between religion and authority across civilizations and cultures