Political Analysis

An Annual Volume of the Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association, Vol. 6

Edited by John R. Freeman

Subjects: Political Science, Political Methodology
Hardcover : 9780472107438, 264 pages, 6 x 9, March 1997
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  • Nuisance vs. Substance: Specifying and Estimating Time-Series-Cross-Section Models, Nathaniel Beck and Jonathan Katz
  • A Dynamic Model of Campaign Spending in Congressional Elections, Janet Box and Tse-min Lin
  • Predictions of the Bush-Clinton-Perot Presidential Race from the Press, David P. Fan
  • Estimating Vote persistence Sources without Panel Data, Ron Shachar and Michal Shamir
  • Empirically Discriminating between Chaotic and Stochastic Time Series, John T. Williams and Robert Huckfeldt
  • Implicit Assumptions Underlying the Generalized Event Count Estimator, Christopher H. Achen
  • On Difference Equations, Probability Models, and the "Generalized Event Count" Distribution: Foundations and Interpretations, Timothy W. Amato
  • Some Remarks on the "Generalized Event Count" Distribution, John Londregan
  • The Generalization in the "Generalized Event Count" Model, with Comments on Achen, Amato, and Londregan, Gary King and Curtis S. Signorino


A new volume in the annual that addresses all areas of political methodology

John R. Freeman is Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota.