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Table of Contents:

  • Preface for a reprint of the manifesto (1929)
  • Manifesto of surrealism (1924)
  • Soluble fish (1924)
  • Preface for the new edition of the second manifesto (1946)
  • Second manifesto of surrealism (1930)
  • A letter to seers (1925)
  • Political position of surrealism (extracts)
  • Prolegomena to a third surrealist manifesto or not (1942)
  • On surrealism in its living works (1953).


Presents the essential ideas of the founder of French surrealism

“…as rich, lively, and stimulatingly sensitive a book as the truly catholic lover of the arts could desire.”
– Publishers Weekly

“A magnificent translation of Breton’s collected pronunciamientos, 1924-53.”
– New Yorker