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A comprehensive introduction to reading, writing, and pronunciation of modern Hebrew

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A comprehensive introduction to modern Israeli Hebrew, Lessons in Modern Hebrew: Level I and Level II provide English-speaking students and well-motivated individuals with all the basic classroom tools necessary for mastery of the language. The lessons introduce the student to the core vocabulary which is then included in reading passages, conversational text, and written communication. All grammatical features of modern Hebrew are thoroughly explained and reinforced by drills and exercises. The books have been classroom-tested at the University of Michigan. Both audio-lingual and cognitive approaches are used.

"Reading through her text lesson after lesson, I am impressed by fresh formulations, lucid explanations, fine exercises—all done intelligently and based on solid linguistic knowledge. There is nothing available which can even compare with it. . . .  The book will be a major contribution to the teaching of Hebrew in this country."
—Professor Arnold Band, University of California, Los Angeles