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Richard Fenno's Research Agenda and the Study of Congress
Morris P. Fiorina and David W. Rohde     1

Constituency Service, Reputation, and the Incumbency Advantage
Douglas Rivers and Morris P. Fiorina     17

Congressional Recruitment and Political Context
Linda L. Fowler     47

Home Style and Committee Behavior: The Case of Richard Nolan
Robert P. Weber     71

Administrative Goals, Environments, and Strategies
J. Theodore Anagnoson     95

The Transformation of the U.S. Senate: Toward a Rational Choice Explanation of Institutional Change
Barbara Sinclair     113

"Something's Happening Here; What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear": Southern Democrats in the House of Representatives
David W. Rohde     137

A Rationale for Restricted Rules
Keith Krehbiel     165

Penultimate Power: Congress Committees and the Legislative Process
Kenneth A. Shepsle and Barry R. Weingast     199

Power and Order in Congress
John H. Aldrich     219

Contributors     253


Explores the activities of members of Congress in their constituencies and in Washington