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Collects in one volume many rare papers on a range of numismatic studies

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Table of Contents

Introduction - 1

1. The Damareteion Controversy: A New Approach - 2
2. A New Light on the Early Silver Coinage of Teos - 16
3. New Light on the Athenian Standards Decree - 24
4. The Beginning of Athenian New Style Silver Coinage - 30
5. The Coinage of Mithradates III, Pharnakes, and Mithradates IV of Pontos - 44
6. The Second-Century B.C. Selucid Countermarks: Anchor and Facing Helios Head - 52
7. Some Problems in Second-Century Attic Prosopography - 59
8. Some Third Magistrates in the Athenian New Style Silver Coinage - 85
9. The Roma/Victory Romano Didrachms and the Start of Roman Coinage - 100
10. The Numismatic Evidence and the Founding of Narbo Martius - 130
11. L. Julius Caesar, Governor of Macedonia - 152
12. C. Verres and the Pirates - 177
13. Roman Republican Coinage, ca. 150-90 BC - 199
14. The Management of the Roman Republican Mint - 227
15. Coinage and the Roman State - 260
16. The Mesagne Hoard and the Coinage of the Late Republic - 280
17. Money for an Empire: The Julio-Claudian Experiment - 293

Index - 305 


Harold B. Mattingly has always helped direct numismatic and epigraphical studies, and his work has often sought and defended unorthodox positions in the fields of numismatics and epigraphy. Here is a collection of his numismatic papers, with short introductions written by the author, revisiting his arguments. Gathered into an easily accessible volume, this collection of essays ranges over the field of Greek and Roman coinage, presenting a series of papers that helped change our interpretations of numismatic evidence. Because many of these papers are hard to find, collecting them in one volume will be of particular use to libraries, graduate students, and scholars.
Harold B. Mattingly is a retired Professor of Ancient History at Leeds University, and current president of the Royal Numismatic Society.

Harold B. Mattingly has been a lecturer and reader in Ancient History at Nottingham University, and Professor of Ancient History at Leeds University. Since 1999 he has been President of the Royal Numismatic Society. He lives and works in Cambridge, United Kingdom.