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Introduction (William J. Slater)-1
Oriental Symposia: Contrasts and Parallels (Walter Burkert)-7
The Betrothal Symposium in Early Greece (Noel Robertson)-25
Foreigners at the Greek Symposium? (Margaret Miller)-59
War and the Symposium (Oswyn Murray)-83
The Age for Reclining and Its Attendant Perils (Alan Booth)-105
Triclinium and Stibadium (Katherine M.D. Dunbabin)-121
The Symposium in Roman Elegy (John C. Yardley)-149
Symposia and Deipna in Plutarch's Lives and in Other Historical Writings (George Paul)-157
Slaves at Roman Convivia (John H. D'Arms)-171
Dinner Theater (Christopher P. Jones)-185
Convivium and Villa in Late Antiquity (Jeremy Rossiter)-199


An investigation of the role of the feast as a cultural focus for the classical world