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Tips for Jewish students seeking academic success at universities

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"Students and parents alike will benefit from reading David Schoem's well-written, lively, and documented guide."
---Elie Wiesel

“This is a wonderful sequel to Schoem’s very successful College Knowledge: 101 Tips. As I read through this new volume, I was constantly struck that the advice offered would help all students who approach the college experience with distinctive cultural backgrounds and commitments. Indeed all prospective college students, and their parents, can benefit from this serious yet delightful, well-written and incisive book of advice. I intend to buy one for each of my grandchildren.”
---Harold Shapiro, former president, Princeton University; former president, University of Michigan

For the individual Jewish student who enters college, it is critical that he or she come intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for the academic and social experience that awaits. College is a qualitatively different experience than high school, and students’ expectations need to be set appropriately. The transition from high school to college is so significant that it can be difficult for most without some preparation.

College Knowledgefor the Jewish Student: 101 Tips is the perfect guide for students heading off to college with high expectations for learning, academic success, personal growth, and independence. Through lively tips and compelling student stories about life at college, it offers thoughtful, practical information for every Jewish student who wants to make a successful transition.

College Knowledge for the Jewish Student includes tips on the academic aspects of college life, like communicating with faculty, learning what is where on campus, where to go for help with coursework, how to manage one’s time for a balanced experience, etc. In addition, it offers advice on dealing with family, finances, health, and safety, as well as the many social and emotional aspects of this important rite of passage.

David Schoem is Director of the Michigan Community Scholars Program and a faculty member in Sociology and Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan. He is an expert and much beloved teacher on undergraduate education, intergroup relations, and the American Jewish Community. Schoem holds degrees from UC Berkeley, Harvard U. and the U of Michigan. College Knowledge for the Jewish Student: 101 Tips is his eighth book.

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