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Creating a more perfect union, one citizen at a time


The Constitution has governed the United States since 1789, but many Americans are not aware of the structural rules that govern the oldest democracy in the world. Important public policy challenges require a knowledgeable, interested citizenry able to address the issues that represent the rich pageantry of American society. Issues such as climate change, national debt, poverty, pandemics, income inequality, and more can be addressed sufficiently if citizens play an active role in their own republic. Collectively, citizens are vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation if we place limits on our individual political knowledge. A more informed, engaged citizenry can best rise to the great policy challenges of contemporary society and beyond.
Brian L. Fife provides readers with essential information on all aspects of American politics, showing them how to use political knowledge to shape the future of the republic. Activist citizens are the key to making the United States a more vibrant democracy. Fife equips citizens and would-be citizens with the tools and understanding they need to engage fully in the political process. At the end of each chapter, he analyzes why citizenship matters and how citizens can use that chapter’s material in their own lives. Fife also provides readers with a citizen homework section that presents web links to further explore issues raised in each chapter.

Brian L. Fife is Professor and Chair in the Department of Political Science at Lehigh University.

Citizenship in the American Republic provides the essential knowledge a citizen would need to participate effectively in the political system. It also encourages its readers to use this knowledge to be more active and effective participants in politics.”
—Bill Hudson, Providence College

- Bill Hudson, Providence College

Citizenship in the American Republic is well-organized, smoothly written, very informative, largely up-to-date, and based on sound scholarship. It covers all the areas one would expect.”
—Michael S. Kochin, Tel Aviv University

- Michael S. Kochin, Tel Aviv University

"Bookshelves across the country are increasingly crammed with books about how democracy is dying or otherwise unsalvageable. Brian L. Fife's Citizenship in the American Republic counters this trend and cries for shelf space to remind us that democracies require a knowledgeable and engaged citizenry. . . In short, it is a useful book for both new and native-born Americans about American government and politics."
Political Science Quarterly

- Robin A. Harper