An exploration of the reasons for the extraordinary educational success in America of the children of the Boat People


Children of the Boat People is the remarkable story of the children of Indochinese immigrants of the 1970s who, faced with immeasurable obstacles, nevertheless excelled in U.S. schools.

"This study is probing and eminently readable. Analysis is united with the personal experiences of the refugees, who speak movingly for themselves. The book is valuable on several levels--as a concise, holistic view of the refugee experience, as a compelling argument for the importance of family and culture as foundations for educational success, and as a provocative comment on the state of American education."
---Asian Migrant

- Asian Migrant

"...provides insight into the nature and characteristics of many of America's newest citizens and, as such, further illuminates a primary element in the fabric of American society."
--Journal of Asian Studies

- Journal of Asian Studies