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Mac Marshall     1

I. Overview of Alcohol Studies and Anthropology     13

Alcohol and Culture
David Mandelbaum     14

Alcohol in Its Cultural Context
John J. Honigmann     30

II. Alcohol Use in Mesoamerica, Latin America, and the Caribbean     37

The Cultural Structure of Mexican Drinking Behavior
William Madsen and Claudia Madsen     38

The Role of the Drunk in a Oaxacan Village
Philip A. Dennis     54

The Social Uses of Alcoholic Beverages in a Peruvian Community
Paul L. Doughty     64

Ceremonial Drinking in an Afro-Brazilian Cult
Seth Leacock     81

Drinking Patterns and Alcoholism in Trinidad
Carole Yawney     94

III. Alcohol Use by North American Indians     109

"The Drunken Indian": Myths and Realities
Joseph Westermeyer     110

The Role of Alcohol among North American Indian Tribes as Reported in The Jesuit Relations
R.C. Dailey     16

The World's Oldest On-Going Protest Demonstration: North American Indian Drinking Patterns
Nancy Oestreich Lurie     127

The Epidemiology of Alcoholic Cirrhosis in Two Southwestern Indian Tribes
S.J. Kunitz, J.E. Levy, C.L. Odoroff, and J. Bollinger     145

Alcohol and the Identity Struggle: Some Effects of Economic Change on Interpersonal Relations
Richard Howard Robbins     158

IV. Alcohol Use in the Pacific Islands     191

Forms and Pathology of Drinking in Three Polynesian Societies
Edwin M. Lemert     192

Holy and Unholy Spirits: The Effects of Missionization on Alcohol Use in Eastern Micronesia
Mac Marshall and Leslie B. Marshall     208

Sardines and Other Fried Fish: The Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on a Micronesian Island
James D. Nason     237

Drinking and Inebriate Behavior in the Admiralty Islands, Melanesia
Theodore Schwartz and Lola Romanucci-Ross     252

V. Alcohol in Asia     269

Notes on Drinking in Japan
Bufo Yamamuro     270

Changes in Japanese Drinking Patterns
Margaret J. Sargent     278

Use of Alcohol and Opium by the Meo of Laos
Joseph Westermeyer     289

Daru and Bhang: Cultural Factors in the Choice of Intoxicant
G.M. Carstairs     297

Drinking Patterns and Alcoholism in the Chinese
K. Singer     313

VI. Africans and Alcohol     327

Alcohol as a Contributing Factor in Social Disorganization: The South African Bantu in the Nineteenth Century
Bertram Hutchinson     328

Drinking and Attitudes toward Drinking in a Muslim Community
J. Midgley     341

Beer as a Locus of Value among the West African Kofyar
Robert McC. Netting     351

Problem-Drinking and the Integration of Alcohol in Rural Buganda
Michael C. Robbins     362

VII. Alcohol Use in Euro-American Societies     381

Alcoholics Anonymous as a Crisis Cult
William Madsen     382

The "Crisis Cult" as a Voluntary Association: An Interactional Approach to Alcoholics Anonymous
Patricia O. Sadler     388

Alcoholism and the Irish
Dermot Walsh     394

The Great Jewish Drink Mystery
Mark Keller     404

Dynamics of Drinking in an Austrian Village
John J. Honigmann     414

How French Children Learn to Drink
Barbara Gallatin Anderson     429

Alcohol and Soviet Society
Walter D. Connor     433

Mac Marshall     451

Bibliography     459


Essays on the use of alcoholic beverages within diverse societies and cultures