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A Setting For Excellence

The Story of the Planning and Development of the Ann Arbor Campus of the University of Michigan

Subjects: Michigan and the Great Lakes
Hardcover : 9780472119530, 200 pages, 161 Halftones, 4 Tables, 8.75 x 12, July 2015
Ebook : 9780472120925, 200 pages, 162 Halftones, 4 Tables, July 2015
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An important contribution to understanding the evolution of the American university

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While there are times when the mix of old and new buildings and the chaotic activities of thousands of students can give a haphazard appearance to the university, campus planning has in fact become a highly refined form of architecture. This is demonstrated in a convincing fashion by this immensely informative and entertaining history of the evolution of the campuses of the University of Michigan by Fred Mayer, who served for more than three decades as the campus planner for the university during an important period of its growth during the late twentieth century.

By tracing the development of the Michigan campus from its early days to the present, within the context of the evolution of higher education in America, Mayer provides a strong argument for the importance of rigorous and enlightened campus planning as a critical element of the learning environment of the university. His comprehensive history of campus planning, illustrated with photos, maps, and diagrams from Michigan’s history, is an outstanding contribution to the university’s history as it approaches its bicentennial in 2017. Perhaps more important, Mayer’s book provides a valuable treatise on the evolution of campus planning as an architectural discipline.

Frederick W. Mayer was the University Planner for the University of Michigan from 1968 to 2003. He was a Henry Rutgers scholar at Rutgers and a Sears Fellow in City Planning at Cornell, as well as a founding member of the Society for College and University Planning, and editor of Planning for Higher Education. Frederick Mayer has written numerous articles and lectured extensively on the subject of college and university planning.

Watch: Fred Mayer speaking at the Ann Arbor District Library (Link) | 11/23/2015