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Here in more than 200 pictures are the people, places, and events that shaped the first 150 years of The University of Michigan. The University of Michigan: A Pictorial History is an exciting visual panorama of change and growth marking a century and a half of educational leadership.

The pictures in this book bring to mind the struggles and achievements of the University from its visionary beginning to the sesquicentennial year. There are pictures of student life and activities, organizations, dramatic presentations, social affairs, athletic contests, classrooms, buildings new and old, academic ceremonies, presidents, distinguished professors, and the campuses, which spread far beyond the boundaries of the original forty acres.

Other pictures recall milestones in the University's history: expeditions to Africa and Antarctica, the announcement of the Salk vaccine, and the visit of John F. Kennedy, who first mentioned the idea of the Peace Corps on the steps of the University of Michigan Union.

Bordin has written a brief text and picture legends that outline the University's history and add many colorful details. But the real story is in the pictures. They bring back to life the illustrious past of a great University.