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Contents My Father's Love Letters          1 A Concert of Tenses: An Interview with Jeanie Thompson          24 Poetry in Translation: Literary Imperialism or, Defending the Musk Ox          45 Again: Some Thoughts on the Narrative Impulse in Contemporary Poetry          67 Sing It Rough          83 The Poem as Time Machine          90 The Poem as a Reservoir for Grief          103 Scarves! Echoes! Pavilions!: The Poetry of Laura Jensen          118 Inside the Kaleidoscope: The Poetry of Michael Burkard          128 Like a Strange Guest of the Earth: The Poems of Linda Gregg          148 Throwing the Scarecrows from the Garden: The Poetry of Marianne Moore          167 Adding to the Unhappiness: Those Poems You Are Writing          184 An Interview with Rachel Berghash          198 Last Class with Roethke          213 To Work and Keep Kind: A Tribute to Stanley Kunitz          219


Gallagher writes of contemporary poets and of the influences on her poetry