Sweetwater Fiction: Reintroductions (Series)

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The American mind will be brought to maturity along the chain of the great lakes, the banks of the Mississippi, the Missouri, and their tributaries in the far northwest. There on the rolling plains will be formed a republic of letters which, not governed like that on our seaboard by the great literary powers of Europe, shall be free indeed.—John Milton Mackey

Whether as a result of geography, or our supposed Midwestern modesty, or perhaps an assumption that the Midwest is too mundane to lend itself to fiction, despite Mr. Mackey's 1854 prediction, the Midwest hasn't quite had the success of the East, the South, or the West in defining and celebrating its literary legacy. Until now.

The University of Michigan Press, with the help of former series editor Charles Baxter sought to rediscover some of the lost classics of Midwestern literature—books that continue to be worthy of critical attention, and that help preserve the literary and artistic tradition of our region.

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A Story Teller's Story

A Memoir

A memoir of Midwestern life and culture from the author of Winesburg, Ohio