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Landmark Video Games (Series)

The Landmark Video Games series is the first English-language series in which each book addresses a specific game or game series (some of which will include sequels, series, and spin-offs), examining it in the light of a variety of approaches, including game design, genre, form, content, and its context within video game history. The books in the series collectively produce an intimate examination of the video game medium through the close examination of the landmark games that make it up.

The series is composed of short, single-author books, each of which provides a close analysis of a single video game (including its various incarnations for different systems) or game series (in part or in its entirety, including prequels, sequels, and spin-offs); in particular, those games which are historically significant in the history of video games. Each book in the series is around 40,000 to 50,000 words, with no more than 20 grayscale images.

This series is closed to submissions.

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Legacy of the Real-Time Strategy

One game’s influence on the rise of e-sports and video game strategy

Mortal Kombat

Games of Death

An introduction to one of the world's most iconic fighting games


Geometries of Play

Enumerates and analyzes Tempest’s landmark qualities—from aesthetics and development to its impact on video game history and culture



A close examination about what is considered the most important first-person video game ever made and its influence on how we play games today

Silent Hill

The Terror Engine

The second entry in the Landmark Video Games series

Myst and Riven

The World of the D'ni

The inaugural title in the Landmark Video Games series