Zero In! Phrasal Verbs in Context is an excellent self-study workbook or reference for mastering English's many two- to three- word verbs, such as "get over," "put on," "find out," "go out," and "take off." The phrasal verbs selected for inclusion in this text are the most common in everyday conversations and situations, as well as those that routinely appear on the TOEFL®.
Each lesson introduces three to four phrasal verbs that are semantically linked with definitions and example sentences. This section is followed by one-panel cartoons that illustrate the meaning of each phrasal verb. Exercises offer specific practice in using the expressions in authentic-type situations and a listening exercise is included at the end of each lesson so students hear the phrasal verbs in natural speech.

 A cassette is available (978-0-472-00314-3), and extension activities are available for free on the Internet.