Workbook accompaning the 2nd Edition of  The ESL Writer’s Handbook 

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This workbook accompanies the 2nd Edition of The ESL Writer’s Handbook (ISBN: 978-0-472-03707-0).  The Workbook extends the topics covered in the Handbook to enable a teacher to use the books as the core texts in an advanced ESL writing or first-year undergraduate composition course. The teacher may wish to assign Workbook exercises as homework or use them in class with the exercises in the Handbook.
The new edition of the Workbook includes 85 exercises to facilitate students’ understanding of some of the most complex or troublesome writing areas discussed in the Handbook. Exercises have been revised, and new exercises have been added to Sections 4 (Research Paper) and 5 (Grammar and Style).

Janine Carlock is Visiting Lecture in Writing and Communication at Carnegie Mellon University and researches information literacy and writing for English language learners. She is also the author of The International Student's Guide to Writing a Research Paper and Developing Information Literacy Skills from UM Press. Maeve Eberhardt is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at The University of Vermont. Her research examines the ways in which language can be used to reproduce systemic power and privilege, as well as how speakers in marginalized groups work to destabilize such systems through their linguistic and discursive practices. Jaime Horst is an ESL author and public educator. Lionel Menasche is Lecturer in linguistics and Associate Director of the English Language Institute, University of Pittsburgh.