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What Do International Students Think and Feel? seeks to illuminate the lives of international students at colleges and universities in the United States. The book is designed to increase awareness about the process of adjusting to another culture, particularly in a short period of time.


Based on more than two decades of research into this process by international students in U.S. university language institutes and undergraduate and graduate programs, this book features a rich and diverse assortment of personal narratives by students representing countries all over the world. The research also revealed the strategies that students report they have used to navigate within a new culture; international students share their successes and their failures in this regard. In addition, they also share their experiences once they return to their homeland and re-adjust to life there, including what they have learned about themselves and their own values that relate to culture.


What Do International Students Think and Feel? will make an excellent supplement to several courses with an M.A. TESOL program—methods, introduction to culture/intercultural communication, or the practicum.