Examines works by three very different writers to explore the relation of experience to literary experiment


Why has the increased prominence of experimental writing in the postmodern era attracted so few women practitioners? The In-Between of Writing examines works by three very different writers to answer this question and to explore the relation of experience and literary experiment. In an effort to write themselves into literary history, to make a place from which they can write, to find a woman’s voice and even a language, women have been writing more than ever and have been involved with new approaches to writing and reading. Yet postmodernism – a rubric for much of the experimental writing done since World War II – and feminism have largely failed to connect.
What links the English novelist Margaret Drabble, the French novelist and filmmaker Marguerite Duras, and the German-American philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt in this study? In readings informed by psychoanalysis, semiotics, linguistics, and deconstruction, Skoller contends that each has a distinct relation to language and has a close tie to world history that has remained largely untreated by feminist literary critics. Written at the nexus of feminism and postmodernism, this book makes starting connections between these three seemingly disparate woman writers.