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The long-awaited new edition of the classic 1997 text by Snow and Brinton is now a complete revision that includes international settings and new models like CLIL and EMI. Three chapters are updates of the original, while the remaining 22 chapters are new.

Chapters 3-25 are structured to include a glimpse into a CBI classroom through a scenario that brings the focus of the chapter to life.  Each scenario is followed by a definition of the topic, a literature review, a discussion of key issues and challenges, and observations/activities and principles that underlie each topic. This edition also features a research agenda in each chapter to help encourage CBI research for coming decades.

The volume has six parts. Part I traces the history of CBI, proposes a classification of models and varieties, discusses ongoing challenges, and provides research support for CBI. Part II focuses on programs, curriculum, and lesson designs, featuring chapters on the Six Ts approach, strategic planning, and scaffolding strategies. Part III takes up innovative applications of CBI and includes a variety of models in diverse CBI settings. Part IV establishes connections between CBI and other approaches like ESP, EAP, and corpus linguistics. Part V discusses assessment in CBI, and Part VI explores ongoing challenges.