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A study of the tai language family and dialects, inlcuding grammar notes, glossaries, texts, and translations


In 1964, William J. Gedney began his intensive and meticulous study of the Thai language family. Initially working on the Southwestern Branch and then moving on to the Central Branch of the family, Gedney worked in Thailand, Laos, and Hong Kong, recording wordlists, folktales, and songs. All of these early data can be found in this volume, including the dialects of Chieng Mai, Nakhorn Phanom, Nyo, Vientiane, Phu Thai, Roi-Et, Loei, Ko Samuy, and Ubon. Also included are the little studied Central Tai dialects found in northern Vietnam and southern China from such sites as Ha Giang, Po Muc, Lang Soen, Bac Va, and Yen Binh. This volume is the last in a series of seven that documents Gedney’s work on the Tai language family.

William J. Gedney was Professor of Linguistics at the University of Michigan. Thomas John Hudak is Professor Emeritus of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University. He focuses on the linguistics and literature of Southea