Supporting the Growth of Graduate Writers

A Film

Subjects: Writing, English as a Second Language (ESL), Education, Higher Education
Digital online : 9780472903023, October 2022

Supporting the Growth of Graduate Writers: A Film was sponsored by the University of Michigan Press, Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences Humanities Research Fund, and by Ohio University’s Graduate Writing and Research Center.

Short scenes with real writers and writing consultants illustrate strategies for addressing common graduate writing issues


Supporting the Growth of Graduate Writers: A Film offers short scenes to capture the work of real graduate writers and writing consultants. Each scene has been collaboratively written to represent common issues graduate student writers face. Each scene also includes specific strategies writing consultants can use to help graduate students grow as writers. 

Writing consultants will learn how to help writers adapt to the complex academic, psychological, and social demands of graduate writing. Supporting the Growth of Graduate Writers also helps consultants to use the demands of unfamiliar genres and disciplines to develop a posture of openness and humility.

Scene topics include:
●    supporting novice graduate students
●    strategizing revisions
●    conducting literature reviews
●    developing genre knowledge across disciplinary boundaries

These stand-alone scenes can be viewed in any order, making them adaptable to a variety of writing consultant training programs. Writing consultants can also watch the scenes independently to improve their practice.

Talinn Phillips is Associate Professor and former Director of the Graduate Writing and Research Center at Ohio University.

Rachael Ryerson is Associate Professor of English at Eastern Illinois University.