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Study Skills for Success presents basic study strategies and academic skills that students need to excel in their last years of high school or in college. This textbook was written for students whose schoolwork has not given them enough practice in applying these basic study skills so they can perform well in academic settings.

Major topics covered in the book include:
* Organizing Information (alphabetizing, outlining, reading timelines, taking notes)
* Reading and Interpreting Illustrated Information (maps, graphs, charts, tables)
* Skills for Better Reading (skimming and scanning, vocabulary strategies, determining the main idea)
* Research Strategies (avoiding plagiarism, using the Internet)

A list of the many skills taught is provided in the front of the book.

Study Skills for Success emphasizes skill building through practice, as the lessons on each topic contain a plethora of tips and several exercises. A review lesson caps the end of each section of the textbook, and the final lesson of the book reviews the major skills taught. Appendixes include various abbreviations and conversion tables.