Shakin' All Over

Popular Music and Disability

Subjects: Music, Disability Studies
Paperback : 9780472052097, 242 pages, 1 table, 32 B&W Illustrations, 6 x 9, October 2013
Hardcover : 9780472072095, 242 pages, 1 table, 32 B&W Illustrations, 6 x 9, October 2013
Audiobook : 9780472004515, 242 pages, 6 x 9, August 2021
Ebook : 9780472120048, 264 pages, 1 Table, 5 Color and 30 B&W Halftones, October 2013
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A groundbreaking study of the intersection of popular music and disability

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Given the explosion in recent years of scholarship exploring the ways in which disability is manifested and performed in numerous cultural spaces, it’s surprising that until now there has never been a single monograph study covering the important intersection of popular music and disability. George McKay’s Shakin’ All Over is a cross-disciplinary examination of the ways in which popular music performers have addressed disability: in their songs, in their live performances, and in various media presentations.

By looking closely into the work of artists such as Johnny Rotten, Neil Young, Johnnie Ray, Ian Dury, Teddy Pendergrass, Curtis Mayfield, and Joni Mitchell, McKay investigates such questions as how popular music works to obscure and accommodate the presence of people with disabilities in its cultural practice. He also examines how popular musicians have articulated the experiences of disability (or sought to pass), or have used their cultural arena for disability advocacy purposes.

George McKay is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Salford, UK, where he is Director of the Communication, Cultural and Media Studies Research Centre.

"Thoroughly researched and engagingly written, McKay's illuminating cultural history of disability in popular music succeeds on another level as an important document of disability advocacy."
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- Ian Patterson