In Shakespeare's Critics, A. M. Eastman and G. B. Harrison bring together Shakespearean criticism of 120 poets and writers from across more than three and a half centuries. They discuss every aspect of Shakespeare's art—his style, wit, characterization, adaptability to the modern stage, even the decency of his language.
The variety, diversion, and contradiction of their points of view, as well as their different approaches, heighten our enjoyment and appreciation of his art. This Baedeker of Shakespearean criticism stresses both general and specific problems of interpretation and demonstrates that for Shakespeare there is no single, agreed-upon truth.

The plays, from As You Like It to The Winter's Tale, are discussed and analyzed, giving us a total picture of Shakespeare's art that is concise and comprehensive. The result is a unique compendium of the shifting tides of taste during the past 370 years.

"...the book contains 356 selections from well over 100 authors, the editors' central purpose being 'to highlight controversy' over Shakespeare's art..."
--Robert Kimbrough, Books Abroad

- Robert Kimbrough

"..the text itself is interesting and readable and might be used with profit by non-specialists as a means of sampling a large body of criticism."
--John Tyree Fain, Shakespeare Quarterly

- John Tyree Fain