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Today’s teaching world and its never-ending obligations can, over time, sap the spirit of even the best teachers. What is the trick to staying balanced in mind and spirit? Finding time to reflect on our own learning and to engage with the world around us. Respite for Teachers offers comforting words to help teachers find that balance and time for reflection.
This book of essays includes topics related to teaching and learning in culturally diverse settings. The authors discuss, literally and metaphorically, phenomena in education such as listening, questioning, conversing, observing, grading, taking risks, and connecting. The book is grounded in the educational philosophy that recognizes how reflection and engagement with students and colleagues lead to a satisfying teaching life and ultimately to connecting with the world around them.

Christine Pearson Casanave and Miguel Sosa teach at Temple University, Japan. Christine Casanave also teaches at the Monterey Institute for Language Studies.