Look Inside


For English language educators, the classroom has become an unpredictable environment where job security has declined in recent years and where class sizes and other problems are increasing. Familiar concerns are diminishing resources, additional time and work required to address accountability and accreditation, and the ongoing pressures of

teacher evaluation. This book is the first to address topics of reigniting, retooling, and retiring in English language teaching.


Reigniting, retooling, and retiring are positive steps in the career path of the educator who is seeking support and guidance along his or her professional journey. Drawing on the collective expertise of many contributors with a wide range of professional experiences and a combined history of hundreds of years of experience worldwide, this volume provides readers with a thorough and in-depth analysis of the ways in which to address professional development from the beginning of one’s career through retirement and beyond.  The diverse perspectives offered in the book can help teachers who face any of the challenges identified, regardless of their teaching context or tenure.