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An investigation of the transformation of the Roman state from Republic to dynastic monarchy

Greg Rowe is Researcher at the Swiss National Science Foundation, Neuchâtel.

"Greg Rowe's study of early imperial politics will be eagerly received by all historians and classicists whose interests have been aroused by the monumental inscriptions relating to the honoring of Germanicus and the trial of Cn. Piso, unearthed in southern Spain during the last twenty years. . . . . Rowe is a stimulating guide and all interested in the early empire will want to engage with his constantly fresh ideas. . . . [T]his is a book which everyone who works on the history and literature of the period will want to consult. Rowe's book is full of interesting and original ideas. He thinks deeply about how the mechanisms of Roman politics operated. He has an eye for spotting historical problems and suggests constantly interesting solutions. Not all will be persuaded by the overall vision of imperial politics that emerges, but all will have their preconceptions challenged."
—Peter O'Neill, American Academy in Rome/Iowa State University, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, March 10, 2003

- Peter O'Neill, American Academy in Rome/Iowa State University

". . . this is an intriguing book with much to offer a careful reader. The publication of several key Tiberian inscriptions together is useful, and the array of questions raised makes it an engaging study of the development of the Roman empire."

- Beth Severy, Macalester College