Prehistoric Social, Political, and Economic Development in the Area of the Tehuacan Valley

Some Results of the Palo Blanco Project

Edited by Robert D. Drennan

Subjects: Archaeology, New World, Latin American Studies
Paperback : 9780932206824, 259 pages, 8.5 x 11, January 1979
Ebook : 9781951538361, 265 pages, 8.5 x 11, April 2020
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In this volume, editor Robert D. Drennan presents a series of reports on archaeological research in the Tehuacán Valley of Mexico. Charles S. Spencer writes about irrigation in the Formative period; Elsa M. Redmond reports on a Terminal Formative ceramic workshop; John R. Alden writes about a survey at Quachilco; Drennan provides a preliminary report on excavations at Cuayucatepec; Spencer and Redmond report on Formative and Classic developments in the Cuicatlan Cañada; and Judith E. Smith provides an analysis of carbonized botanical remains from Quachilco, Cuayucatepec, and La Coyotera.