Preaching to Convert

Evangelical Outreach and Performance Activism in a Secular Age

Subjects: Theater and Performance, Religion
Hardcover : 9780472119158, 412 pages, 4 B&W photographs, 6 x 9, November 2013
Paperback : 9780472036523, 412 pages, 4 B&W photographs, 6 x 9, October 2015
Ebook : 9780472029877, 408 pages, 4 photos, November 2013
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Discovering the common performance strategies of an unlikely pairing: evangelical Christians and left-progressive activists

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Preaching to Convert offers an intriguing new perspective on the outreach strategies of U.S. evangelicals, framing them as examples of activist performance, broadly defined as acts performed before an audience in the hopes of changing hearts and minds. Most writing about activist performance has focused on left-progressive causes, events, and actors. Preaching to Convert argues against such a constricted view of activism and for a more nuanced understanding of U.S. evangelicalism as a movement defined by its desire to win converts and spread the gospel.
The book positions evangelicals as a diverse, complicated group confronting the loss of conservative Christianity’s default status in 21st-century U.S. culture. In the face of an increasingly secular age, evangelicals have been reassessing models of outreach. In acts like handing out Bible tracts to strangers on the street or going door-to-door with a Bible in hand, in elaborately staged horror-themed morality plays or multimillion-dollar creationist discovery centers, in megachurch services beamed to dozens of satellite campuses, and in controversial “ex-gay” ministries striving to return gays and lesbians to the straight and narrow, evangelicals are redefining what it means to be deeply committed in a pluralist world. The book’s engaging style and careful argumentation make it accessible and appealing to scholars and students across a range of fields.

John Fletcher is Associate Professor of Theatre, Louisiana State University. 


"Preaching to Convert is a surprising, refreshing, respectful and almost admiring study of the diverse practices of contemporary American evangelicals."
Anthropology Review Database

- Jack David Eller