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Written by a longtime resident of Japan, Politics and the News Media in Japan describes and analyzes political communication in Japan with a particular focus on the relationship between the news media and politicians.

In this pioneering work, Ofer Feldman shows how the close connection between reporters and members of the Japanese National Diet influences the coverage of politics in the media and how the news media and reporters function as information sources for Diet members. The author discusses the importance of the national dailies in Japanese political life; reporters' work patterns and their formal and informal interaction with political news sources; the objectives reporters and politicians have vis-à-vis one another; and how Japanese cultural factors affect the role reporters play in politics.

This volume fills a serious gap in the literature on the Japanese media and its role in the political system by focusing on the structure and process of news-gathering by Japanese reporters. It is the first work based on a survey of rank-and-file members of the Japanese National Diet; newsmen and editors of national and local newspapers, news agencies, and broadcast media; political party officials; and secretaries to Diet members. It will appeal especially to those interested in comparative politics, comparative mass communication, and Japanese studies.