The development of Negro job opportunities is a vital first step toward the total integration of the Negro into American society. The civil rights movement and the War on Poverty have focused national attention on the Negro employment problem, but much remains to be done before a solution is reached.

Negroes and Jobs gives a thorough, well-rounded account of the Negro worker's economic position in the contemporary labor market. It is a compendium of more than thirty articles, all written since 1960, dealing with various aspects of Negro employment.

Many of the Negro's employment problems are common to all underprivileged American citizens, but certain aspects of the dilemma, such as the development of the urban ghettos and the persistence of racial discrimination, serve to separate and intensify the plight of the Negro worker. This book discusses the causes of Negro job disadvantagement, the nature of the Negro job market and the factors that affect it, the behavior of Negroes in the labor market, and past and future programs of action to increase the Negro's access to job opportunities.