Stunning black-and-white photographs by a master landscape photographer reveal the beauty of Michigan


"Viewing Monte Nagler's photography is like stepping into a scene that is at once familiar and surreal. He distills vistas into their core components, arranges the forms on his ground glass and renders an image that makes us long to be there and experience what he has seen."
---Chris Robinson, Managing Editor, Outdoor Photographer

"This book is a long time coming, and Monte's crisp black and white images of the State of Michigan are a showcase to inspire any great travel photographer as well as all viewers."
---Richard Rabinowitz, Vice President and Group Publisher, American Photo and Popular Photography

"Monte's love and passion for his work come alive through his photographs. His vision and skill for capturing timeless images reflect throughout this book--an incredible interpretation of the beautiful state of Michigan."
---Dennis W. Archer, Former Mayor of the City of Detroit and Chairman of Dickinson Wright PLLC

"Monte Nagler has made many beautiful images all over the world, surprising many a young art enthusiast with his uncanny vision. Aside from his many technical skills, he understands what makes a great photograph. Monte can communicate to the viewer his own ideas, and his work creates an exciting response in all of us."
---Tom Halsted, The Halsted Gallery

"Monte has photographed some of the most beautiful places on this earth, but this series of superb photographs was made in his own backyard: the spectacular state of Michigan. This book of photographs bursts with light and shadow in Monte's unique yet traditional way of seeing. It will be priceless with the passing of time."
---Robert L. Stewart, four-time Michigan Photographer of the Year

"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you."
---Michigan's State Motto

Taking Michigan's motto to heart, photographer Monte Nagler set out to capture the breadth and beauty of the state. From the Keweenaw Peninsula and the falls and forests of the western UP to urban and industrial metro Detroit, and from the sandy shorelines of Lake Michigan to the quiet beauty found amid the fields and along the back roads, Nagler presents a rich and contemplative portrait of all that Michigan has to offer.

A nationally recognized landscape photographer, Monte Nagler has traveled throughout the world to capture unique and fleeting moments on film. Now with this collection of recent work, Monte applies his exceptional skills to his home state, sharing his interpretations through a medley of new and familiar scenes.

These 92 black and white photographs, including 6 spectacular panoramic views, invite you to explore the wonders, the seasons, and the diverse landscapes that are Michigan.

Monte Nagler is a professional landscape photographer living in Farmington Hills. Monte's photographs can be found in many public and private collections, including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Ford Motor Company collection.

Monte Nagler began to develop his own artistic vision after studying in an intensive workshop with Ansel Adams. Monte is a member of the esteemed Cameracraftsmen of America, and he has been recognized by Outdoor Photographer magazine as one of the top five landscape photographers in the nation. He is also a noted writer, lecturer, and teacher of photography. His previous books are How to Improve Your Photographic Vision and Statements of Light. describes Nagler's talk in UM Press Author Series