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A Home for the Arts

Subjects: Music
Paperback : 9780472750399, 246 pages, 6 x 9, January 1998
Ebook : 9780472125432, 246 pages, 6 x 9, November 2021
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A rich history of Michigan's renowned schools for the arts


Tucked away in the northern woods of Michigan is one of the world's most renowned schools for the arts. Conceived initially as a small summer camp for talented high school musicians, Interlochen Center for the Arts now ranks among the most respected schools in the world. In Interlochen: A Home for the Arts, Dean Boal, President of Interlochen from 1989 to 1995, presents a richly detailed and never-before-told story of Interlochen's struggles with artistic stresses, financial woes, and internal problems. This thoroughly researched presentation based on documents from the Bentley Historical Library, Interlochen archives, and many interviews offers an in-depth view of the school from its modest beginnings under Joseph Maddy to the present. Boal decribes the critical Supreme Court battle with the musicians' union, when James Petrillo banned national radio broadcasts and all professional musicians from Interlochen. He shows how the University of Michigan rescued Interlochen during this period and stabilized the institution for the opening of the Interlochen Arts Academy and a public radio station. He chronicles the few stormy years of the presidency of Karl Haas, an acclaimed broadcaster. The story of Interlochen is enriched by archival photographs of the founders, artists, and students, complementing this engaging story of a Michigan gem.