Collection of articles on Roman archaeology; Italian history, art, and architectural history; and Latin literature


The Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, an annual publication of the American Academy in Rome, gathers articles on topics including Roman archaeology and topography, ancient and modern Italian history, Latin literature, and Italian art and architectural history.
Volume 63/64 is the first volume edited by Sinclair W. Bell, Professor of Art History at Northern Illinois University. This volume includes the following essays and articles:" Incised and Stamped Ceramics from Morgantina: Taking the Long View" by Emma Buckingham and Carla M. Antonaccio; "Early Iron Age and Orientalizing Mediterranean Networks from Funerary Contexts in Latium vetus: Identifying Gender and Special Patterns of Interaction" by Francesca Fulminante; "Herakles on the Move: A Greek Hydria's Journey from Athens to Vulci" by Sheramy D. Bundrick; "A Hemicycle with a View" by Barbara Burrell; "Coinage Programs and Panegyric in the Reign of Trajan: Imagery, Audience, and Gency" by Nathan T. Elkins; "Matidia Minor and the Rebuilding of Suessa Aurunca" by Margaret Woodhull; "Sesostris' Chariot in a Roman Circus? A New Interpretation of a Scene Depicted on an Imperial Oil Lamp" by Sylvain Forichon; "The Sylloge Einsidlensis, Poggio Bracciolini's De Varietate Fortunae, the Turris de Arcu, and the Disappearance of the Arch of Titus in the Circus Maximus" by Tommaso Leoni; "Three Drawings of the Domus Aurea and the Colosseum at the Uffizi: Disiecta membra froma Drawing-book after the Antique?" by Marco Burnetti; and reports from the American Academy in Rome covering 2017-2019. 

Sinclair W. Bell is Professor of Art History at Northern Illinois University.