The latest memoirs from the American Academy in Rome


This volume represents the interests of the American Academy in Rome (AAR), its fellows, residents, and the larger international community who use its excellent library and facilities. The Memoirs series presents a selection of articles on topics including—but not limited to—Roman archaeology and topography, ancient and modern Italian history, Latin literature, and Italian art and architectural history.

Volume 59/60 includes the following essays and articles: “Roma and the Virtuous Breast” by Lillian Joyce; “Roman Rhetoric, Metroac Representation: Texts, Artifacts, and the Cult of Magna Mater in Rome and Ostia” by Jacob Abraham Latham; “Female Patrons and Honorific Statues in Pompeii” by Brenda Longfellow; “Visual Evidence for Roman Infantry Tactics” by Michael J. Taylor; “A Reconsideration of Renaissance Antiquarianism in Light of Biondo Flavio’s Ars Antiquaria, with an Unpublished Letter from Paul Oskar Kristeller (1905–1999)” by Angelo Mazzocco; “Varro and the Development of Roman Topography from Antiquity to the Quattrocento” by Seth G. Bernard; “Argicida Mercurius from Homer to Giraldi and from Greek Vases to Sansovino” by Luba Freedman; “The Hieroglyphics of Kingship: Italy’s Egypt in Early Tudor England and the Manuscript as Monument” by Sonja Drimmer; “Regarding Parmigianino’s Early Portraits” by Giancarla Periti; “Locating the Chaldean Embassy to Pope Paul V in the Sala Regia of the Palazzo Quirinale in Rome” by Cristelle Baskins; “Waterworks for New St. Peter’s: The Four Rivers of Paradise and the Cult of Teresa of Avila in 1616” by Pamela M. Jones; “The Aviaries of the Farnese Gardens on the Palatine: Roman Antiquity, the Levant, and the Architecture of Garden Pavilions” by Natsumi Nonaka; “Virgil, Pietro da Cortona, and the Heroism of Aeneas” by Michael C. J. Putnam; and the 2013–2014 and 2014–2015 Reports on Research in the School of Classical Studies at the American Academy in Rome.

Brian A. Curran is Professor of Art History at Pennsylvania State University.