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Introduction 13
New Options New Pressures in Reproductive Behavior 23
Marketing Forces and the Resulting Controversy 41
International Perspectives 61
Perspectives and Implications for Low Income Women and Women of Color 93
Effects on Postpartum Moods 119
A Philosophical Discussion of Postmortem Pregnancy 135
Whose Health? Whose Technology? 173
The Cases of Osteoporosis and Breast Cancer Screening 199
Women as Patients and Practitioners in Eighteen Nations 221
The Meaning of Risk Choice and Responsibility for a DES Daughter 245
Feminist Decisions about Care for the Dying 263
Introduction 281
Reproductive Health Hazards in the Workplace 289
Gender Technology and the Experience of Rheumatoid Arthritis 305
Effects of Solvent Exposure and Occupational Stress on the Health of BlueCollar Women 327
Environmental Health and the Health of the Environment 347
Feminist Health Activism in an Age of Technology 371
Resources 397
Contributors 401
Index 407


Provides a framework for understanding forces that produce and promote technologies that affect women's health