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The definitive book for identifying the rich diversity of plant life throughout the Great Lakes coastal areas

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The coastal beaches of the Great Lakes are some of the most outstanding features of this vast chain of freshwater lakes. Many plants of this region grow nowhere else, and a number of protected species are found along the shoreline.

In Guide to Great Lakes Coastal Plants Ellen Elliott Weatherbee provides simple yet authoritative descriptions of sixty-seven of the most interesting plants found on the United States and Canadian shores. Each plant is illustrated with color photographs and line drawings for ease in identification. Wildlife and ethnobotanical uses add fascinating information about the plants, and distribution maps are included for easy reference.

This is a must-have field guide for anyone who enjoys the natural beauty of wildflowers.

Ellen Elliott Weatherbee has taught botany at the University of Michigan for thirty-three years and is the founder of the Adult Education Program at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. She has been on the editorial board of the Michigan Botanist and is active in environmental groups in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She is also coauthor of Edible Wild Plants: A Guide to Collecting and Cooking.